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We'd be great together.

We are
The Helpful.

We're a goods + services marketplace dedicated to sourcing thoughtful, high quality, practical gifts for our loved ones during life's big (and sometimes the not-so-big) moments.

We'd love for you to be a part of our Helpful Collective

a gap in
the market.


And we're going to fill it by partnering with businesses like yours.  Are you in?

More about the gap:

1. During life's big (and sometimes little) moments, we show a preference for helpful acts and gifts - not just the material "stuff". 

2. BUT time, energy and understanding prevent us from from showing up in this way.

3. BECAUSE there's currently no easy way to find trusted, high quality, helpful gifting in one place online.

But we're changing that.

we want to
Partner with you.

We're very selective about who we want to be a Helpful Partner.  Really, we are.


You're on this site because you've received some information that's led you here and trust us, we don't reach. out to just anyone.

We're passionate, excited and moving quickly. We're creating a new market and want to collaborate.  We want our launch Partners to come on the journey and create something special with us.  

We can't wait to work with you.  Truly.  

Let's do it. 

So, want to
know more? 

Let's chat.

We're launching soon, so we're moving fast.  We'd love to share our plans and let's work out how you can be a big part of it.  

You can find us here:

Or contact our Founder, Kate:

+44 7840 856 428

We can't wait to meet you.

Helpful community + research participant

"During major life events, I prefer to show up for loves ones through giving them practical gifts that will help them, like food and cleaning."

Helpful community + research participant

"The challenge is that I'm busy and need help too, so I don't have the time to cook, clean shop or deliver the type of gifts I want to give."

Helpful community + research participant

"I spent hours searching online for practical gifts for a loved one in another city, and still didn't find what I was looking for."

for the visit, Partner.



    +44 7840 856 428


    Let's connect

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